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Ronit's Guide to Buying a Home



Chapter 1  Preparing to Buy a House

Quicken Mortgage  http://service.bfast.com/bfast/click?bfmid=5568399&siteid=26443486&bfpage=smlogo 

E-Loan  http://www.eloan.com/

iOwn formerly Homeshark  http://www.iown.com/ 

Lending Tree  http://www.lendingtree.com/ 

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Chapter 2   Creating a Game Plan for Buying a Home Online

MoneyWeb Net Worth Calculator  http://www.moneyweb.com.au/ 

BYG Publishing  www.bygpub.com/finance/calculators.htm 

Iowa's News and Information Network  www.fyiowa.webpoint.com/finance/calcnetw.htm 

SmartMoney  www.smartmoney.com/ac/estate/index.cfm?story=networth  

MetLife's Budget Maker  www.metlife.com/Lifeadvice/Money/Docs/budget4.html 

ABC News  www.abcnews.go.com/sections/business/DailyNews/makeover0227/ 

Personal Budgeting  http://www.personalbudgeting.com/ 

Right On the Money  www.rightonthemoney.org/shows/104_budget 

Experian, formerly TRW  http://www.experian.com/

Equifax  http://service.bfast.com/bfast/click?bfmid=9439958&siteid=27159388&bfpage=166x44logo 

Trans Union Corporation  http://www.tuc.com/ 

Consumerinfo.com  http://www.consumerinfo.com/ 

Mortgage.com  www.customlending.com/learn_cl.asp 

What's a FICO Score?  www.smi-loan.com/htdocs/faq/fico.htm 

Credit Repair Institute  www.legalresource.com/credit4.htm 

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Chapter 3    Is Now The Right Time to Buy a House? 

Homefair  www.homefair.com/homefair/sept95/frrent.htm 

Investor FAQs  www.invest-faq.com/articles/real-es-rent-vs-buy.html 

Loanworld  www.loanworld.com/calc/rvb_cl.htm 

(Re)Finance: Calculators and Advice  www.reficenter.com/calculators.htm 

HomePath: Calculators  www.homepath.com/calcs.html 

Mortgage calculators  http://www.mortgagecalc.com/ 

Genus  http://www.genus2.org/ 

Mortgagecalc  http://www.mortgagecalc.com/ 

GE Loan  www.geloan.com/tools/prequal.html 

Accel  www.interest.com/accel/pq-accel.html 

Lenox Financial Corporation  www.dreams.net/lxfm/rfp 

RonitGold  www.remaxgold.com/prequal.htm 

Apponline  www.apponline.com/frames/ap/preapp.htm 

Ameriwest  www.ameriwest.com/applyonline.html 

Mortgage1.com  www.mortgage1.com/preapp.html 

Countrywide  http://www.countrywide.com/  

PNC Mortgage  www.pncmortgage.com/pre_approval.html 

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Chapter 4   Finding a Neighborhood Online

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston[md]Regional Economic Information Links  www.bos.frb.org/economic/reglink.htm 

Bureau of Economic Analysis  http://www.bea.doc.gov/ 

Economic Statistics Briefing Room  www.whitehouse.gov/fsbr/employment.html 

USDA Economics and Statistics Search  www.usda.mannlib.cornell.edu/usda 

American Community Network  http://www.can.net/ 

Washington Homefinders Inc. Real Estate  www.nwdir.com/relo.htm 

Alaska Employment & Unemployment  www.labor.state.ak.us/research/research.htm 

Iowa Economy  www.state.ia.us/trends 

Nebraska Databook & Economic Trends  http://www.info.ded.state.ne.us/ 

Relocate America  www.relocateamerica.com

RPS  www.rpsrelocation.com/community.htm 

Regional Financial Association  www.rfa.com/free.stm 

U.S. Census Bureau  http://www.census.gov/ 

Fedstats  http://www.fedstats.gov/ 

Realtor.com  http://www.realtor.com/ 

Dataquick  http://www.dataquick.com/ 

Monster Daata.com  http://www.monsterdaata.com/ 

American Demographics  http://www.demographics.com/ 

CrimeCheck  http://www.crimecheck.com/ 

Homefair  www.homefair.com/homefair/cmr/salcalc.html 

Fortune  www.pathfinder.com/money/bestplaces/col/compare.html 

DataMasters  http://www.datamasters.com/ 

Cost of Living Calculator  www. 

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Chapter 5   Online Mortgage Advice and Lending

FHA loans  www.hud.gov/mortprog.html  

VA loans  http://www.va.gov/ 

Mortgage Maze: Loan Advisor  www.maze.com/rates/advisorq.htm 

Banksite  www.banksite.com/ccontent.htm 

Mortgage Mart  http://www.mortgagemart.com/ 

Mortgage X  http://www.mortgage-x.com/ 

Mortgage.Quicken  http://www.mortgage.quicken.com/  

Home Mortgage Guide  http://www.homemortgageguide.com/ 

Credit Information Center  http://www.creditinfocenter.com/ 

Nolo Encyclopedia  www.nolo.com/encyclopedia/dc_ency.html 

Keystroke: FICO scores  www.keystroke.com/mortgage/homefinance/buying/fico_score.html 

First Team  www.firsteam.com/buysell/buy4.htm 

Credit Quality Estimator  www.snws.com/loan-bin/credit 

Mortgage quotes  http://www.mortgagequotes.com/ 

Rate net  www.rate.net/index.htm 

Bankrate monitor  http://www.bankrate.com/ 

National mortgage loan directory  http://www.mortgageloan.com/ 

The Mortgage Insurance Companies of America  www.privatemi.com/main.html 

Understanding private mortgage insurance  www.hsh.com/pamphlets/mgicpmi.html 

Homebuyer Questions and Answers  www.pmigroup.com/homebuyer/qanda.html 

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Chapter 6   Avoiding the Down Payment Cash Crunch

Mortgage University  www.amo-mortgage.com/library/index.html

Family Haven  www.familyhaven.com/money/lowdownpayment.html 

Fannie Mae's Community Home Buyer's Program (CHBP) includes Fannie Mae '97 no down payment program  www.homepath.com/hsp3.html 

Freddie Mac's Affordable Gold no down payment program  www.mortgage-x.com/library/affordable_gold_100.htm 

Information Center  www.pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/housing/low_down/low_down.txt 

National Mortgage Directory  http://www.mortgageloan.com/ 

National Mortgage News  http://www.nmnews.fgray.com/ 

Real Estate Web  www.real-estate-web.com/links 

Interest.com  www.interest.com/editorial/Mortgage_column/mtg_story_970624.htm 

Bankrate.com  www.bankrate.com/brm/news/mtg/19990624.asp 

The Mortgage Money Guide  www.remax-of-boulder.com/set1/finance/money9.htm 

Real Estate Web Library  www.real-estate-web.com/library/money9.htm 

Homeowners.com  www.homeowners.com/new89.html 

Real Estate Web  www.realestateweb.com/assume.htm 

Homeward Bound in Texas  www.amcity.com/austin/stories/1997/10/27/focus5.html 

Affordable Home Ownership in Washington's King County  www.metrokc.gov/exec/news/7698nr1.htm 

First-Time Homebuyer Mortgage Programs for Iowa  www.ifahome.com/partner_sf.htm 

The California Housing Financing Authority  http://www.chfa.ca.gov/ 

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Chapter 7  Online Help with Appraisals, Inspections and Insurance

Data Quick Real Property Information Center  http://www.dataquick.com/  

The Home Purchasing Guide  www.homeowners.com/new135.html 

Bankrate.com  www.bankrate.com/brm/news/moving_on/edit/appraisals.asp 

Appraisal FAQ List  www.hom.net/~owas/faqlist.html 

National Association of Real Estate Appraisers  www.iami.org/narea.html 

The Federal Financial Institution Examination Council Appraisal Subcommittee  http://www.asc.gov/ 

Appraisal Institute  http://www.appraisalinstitute.org/ 

Appraisal Network  http://www.appraisal-network.com/ 

Home Inspection Kit  www.freddiemac.com/homebuyers/index/.html 

Home Inspection and You  www.pueblo.gsa/gov/cic_text/housing/inspect/inspect.txt 

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)  http://www.ashi.com/ 

Insight Professional Home Inspections  www.inspectit.com/insight/questions.html 

The Real Estate Library  www.realtimes.com/rtnews/rtcpages/19990820_inspector.htm 

Insweb  http://www.insweb.com/ 

Online insurance quotes  http://www.4freequotes.com/ 

4InstantQuotes  www.4instantquotes.com/Insurance 

Quoteshopper  www.quoteshopper.com/shop_ann.htm 

Stewart Title  http://www.stewart.com/ 

Lenderís Service  http://www.lenderservice.com/ 

Insurance News Network: The Basics of Title Insurance  www.insure.com/home/title.html 

Free Advice.com  www.freeadvice.com/gov_material/hud-title-insurance-6-97.htm 

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Chapter 8   Negotiating and Closing the Deal with Online Help

Appraisal Network  www.appraisal-network.com/avm.htm 

CSWOnline  www.cswonline.com/index.shtml 

HomeValueCheck  www.homevaluecheck.com

Realestate.com  http://www.realestate.com/ 

Yahoo! By Address  www.realestate.yahoo.com/realestate/homevalues/  

Acxiom/DataQuick http://www.products.dataquick.com/  

Real Estate FAQs Home Buying  www.suntimes.com/realestate/homebuyingfaq3.html 

The MSN HomeAdvisor Guide to "Negotiating the Deal"  www.homeadvisor.msn.com/ns/offerclosing/finalsteps.asp 

"The Eight Rules of Negotiating"  www.homespot.com/r4main3a.htm 

Paragon Decision Resources  www.pdr.com/beforeoffer.htm 

Real Estate Offers and Contracts  www.nolo.com/encylopedia/articles/re/re17.html 

Homebuyer's E-Guide  www.recenter.tamu.edu/hguide/hboffer.html 

Inman News Features  www.inman.com/inmanstories.asp?ID=10005&cattype= 

Homespot  www.homespot.com/homespot/r4main3e.htm 

Fannie Mae's Homepath  www.homepath.com/hpp51.html 

Realtor.com  www.realtor.com/closing/closing.asp 

Owners.com  www.owners.com/Tools/Library/ShowArticle.asp?ID=17 

Our Family Place  www.ourfamilyplace.com/homebuyer/closing.html 

IRichmond  http://www.irichmond.com/  

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Chapter 9   Costs and Tax Benefits Associates with Buying a Home 

Settlement statement (records what goes on at the closing): Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Web site  http://www.hud.gov/fha/sfh/res/resappa.html 

Truth-in-lending disclosure (shows the major financial terms of the loan): Lenders trust  www.lenderstrust.com/forms.html 

Promissory note (the borrowerís promise to repay the loan): Refer to HUD's
"Buying Your Home Guide"  www.hud.gov/fha/sfh/res/sfhrestc.html 

Deed or deed of trust (conveys title of the property): Lenders trust  www.lenderstrust.com/forms.html 

FinanCenter  http://www.financenter.com/ 

Realtor.com: Closing Cost Worksheet  www.realtor.com/AspContent/closingcostsworksheet.asp 

MSN Home Advisor: Estimate of closing costs  www.homeadvisor.msn.com/ns/offerclosing/settlement.asp 

Government's Consumer Information Center  www.pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/housing/settlement/sfhrestc.html 

Pitt Miller: Example of a Good Faith Estimate  www.pitt-miller.com/good.htm 

Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service  www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod/forms_pubs/pubs/p530toc.htm 

IRS Publication 936  www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod/forms_pubs/pubs/p936toc.htm 

Lycos Real Estate Guide  www.lycos.com/realestate 

The IRS Problem Solver  www.taxhelponline.com/solp5.htm 

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Chapter 10   Getting Online Help with Becoming an Owner-Builder

The Owner Builder School of Oregon  http://www.ownerbuilderschool.com/ 

You Build Owner-Builder Center  www.youbuild.com/home.htm 

Equity Builders  http://www.degeorgehomesalliance.com/ 

Landvest Owner-Involved Building Program  www.landvesthomes.com/ownerin.html 

All American Homes  http://www.allamerhomes.com/ 

Endeavor Homes  http://www.endeavorhomes.com/ 

Alternative Home Plans  http://www.alternativehomeplans.com/ 

Homes for Today  http://www.homes4today.com/ 

Stephen Fuller  http://www.stephenfuller.com/ 

Planhouse Home Plan Studio  http://www.planhouse.com/ 

Craftsman Book Company  www.craftsman-book.com/downloads/index.htm 

Construction Software  www.constructsoftware.com/demos/demos.html 

National Cost Estimator  www.nwbuildnet.com/nwbn/esti_books.html 

UDA Construction Office 99  www.uniteddesign.com/home_building_guides.html 

Contractor.com  http://www.contractor.com/  

American Builders Network  http://www.americanbuilders.com/ 

Contractornet  www.contractornet.com

North West BuilderNet  www.nwbuildnet.com/nwbn/barnsoutbuildings.html

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Chapter 11   Getting Moving Help Online

SmartMoney.com  www.smartmoney.com/ac/home/buying/index.cfm?story=moving 

Relo.com  www.relo.com/relo/publicgoodies/faq.cfm 

Windham International  http://www.windhamworld.com/ 

Homefair  www.homefair.com/wizard/wizard.html 

Atlas Van Lines  http://www.atlasvanlines.com/ 

Probe Consultants, "The Economical Do-it-Yourself Residential Moving Organization Guide"  www.go-probe.com/beforeumove.shtml 

Moving.com: "Do-It-Yourself Moving"  www.moving.com/gmoving/diy.asp 

MoveCentral  www.new.movecentral.com/planyourmove/ 

U-Haul  http://www.uhaul.com/ 

AAA Move  http://www.aaamove.com/ 

Realtor.com  http://www.realtor.com/ 

Avatar Moving  www.avatar-moving.com/kb/doc_apples.html 

Allied Van Lines  www.alliedvan.net/02guide/04charg.html 

Bekins  http://www.bekins.com/ 

Home to Home  www.home-to-home.com

MoversNet  http://www.moversnet.com/ 

StartSmart.com  http://www.startsmart.com/ 

RealTimes  www.realtimes.com/rtnews/rtcpages/19981020_utilityconect.htm 

Smart Money  www.smartmoney.com/ac/tax/index.cfm?story=moving 

Times Online  www.timesonline.webpoint.com/home/movetax.htm

Internal Revenue Service  www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod/forms_pubs/pubs/p52101.htm 

IRS Tax information for You  www.irs.ustreas.gov/prod/ind_info 

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Chapter 12   Online Help for Making Your House a Home

Remodeling Online  http://www.remodeling.hw.net/ 

Build.com's Home Improvement Web Site Directory  http://www.build.com/ 

Builder Online: Spotlight Collection  www.remodeling.hw.net/spotlight 

HomePoint.Net  www.homepoint.net/products/products.html 

Improvenet  http://www.improvenet.com/ 

Toiletology 101  http://www.toiletology.com/ 

Remodel Online  http://www.remodelonline.com/

Home Repairs & etc.  http://www.repair-home.com/  

Home Depot  http://www.homedepot.com/ 

Lowe's  http://www.lowes.com/ 

Old House Journal  http://www.oldhousejournal.com/

Antique Hardware and Home Store  http://www.antiquehardware.com/ 

Balmer Studios  http://www.balmerstudios.com/ 

Salvo Web  http://www.salvo.co.uk/ 

Money.com  http://www.money.com/ 

FinanCenter  http://www.financenter.com/ 

HUD Home Investment Partnership Program  http://www.hud.gov/ 

Owners.com  www.guides.iown.com/scripts/Refinance.dll/Start?Source=Owners2 

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Chapter 13   Marketing and Selling Your Home Online

Yahoo! Classifieds  http://www.classifieds.yahoo.com/ 

The United States Real Estate Directory  http://www.1realestate.com/ 

New Realty.com  http://www.newrealty.com/ 

Homescout  http://www.homescout.com/ 

Realty.com  http://www.realty.com/  

Note: If you hire a real estate agent to list your house, your home can be listed at the Homeseekers  http://www.homeseekers.com/   and MSN HomeAdvisor  http://www.homeadvisor.msn.com/  Web sites.

The Virtual Real Estate Store  www.virtualrealestatestore.com/selling-a-home-main-page.htm#what_happens_after_home_listed

SmartMoney  www.smartmoney.com/ac/home/selling/index.cfm?story=choose 

Ehome  http://www.ehome.com/

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Ronit's 20 Tips For Selling Your Home

As a homeowner, you can play an important part in the timely sale of your property. When you take the following steps, youíll help Ronit sell your home faster, at the best possible price.
The easiest and most reliable way to improve the appeal of your home is to enlist a quality home service professional. The right professional can help you get everything in order - from repainting the kitchen to providing a thorough cleaning - so you can stay focused on more important things.

1. Make the Most of that First Impression
A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter-free porch welcome prospects. So does a freshly painted - or at least freshly scrubbed - front door. If itís autumn, rake the leaves. If itís winter, shovel the walkways. The fewer obstacles between prospects and the true appeal of your home, the better.

2.Invest a Few Hours for Future Dividends
Hereís your chance to clean up in real estate. Clean up the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen. If your woodwork is scuffed or the paint is fading, consider some minor redecoration. Fresh wallpaper adds charm and value to your property. If youíre worried about time, hire professional cleaners or painters to get your house ready. Remember, prospects would rather see how great your home really looks than hear how great it could look "with a little work." Find a cleaning service or handyman to help.

3.Check Faucets and Bulbs
Dripping water rattles the nerves, discolors sinks, and suggests faulty or worn-out plumbing. Burned out bulbs or faulty wiring leave prospects in the dark. Donít let little problems detract from whatís right with your home.
4.Donít Shut Out a Sale
If cabinets or closet doors stick in your home, you can be sure they will also stick in a prospectís mind. Donít try to explain away sticky situations when you can easily plane them away. A little effort on your part can smooth the way toward a closing.
5.Think Safely
Homeowners learn to live with all kinds of self-set booby traps: roller skates on the stairs, festooned extension cords, slippery throw rugs and low hanging overhead lights. Make your residence as non-perilous as possible for uninitiated visitors.
6.Make Room For Space
Remember, potential buyers are looking for more than just comfortable living space. Theyíre looking for storage space, too. Make sure your attic and basement are clean and free of unnecessary items.
7.Consider Your Closets
The better organized a closet, the larger it appears. Nowís the time to box up those unwanted clothes and donate them to charity.
8.Make Your Bathroom Sparkle
Bathrooms sell homes, so let them shine. Check and repair damaged or unsightly caulking in the tubs and showers. For added allure, display your best towels, mats, and shower curtains.
9.Create Dream Bedrooms
Wake up prospects to the cozy comforts of your bedrooms. For a spacious look, get rid of excess furniture. Colorful bedspreads and fresh curtains are a must.
10.Open up in the Daytime
Let the sun shine in! Pull back your curtains and drapes so prospects can see how bright and cheery your home is.
11.Lighten up at Night
Turn on the excitement by turning on all your lights - both inside and outside - when showing your home in the evening. Lights add color and warmth, and make prospects feel welcome
12.Avoid Crowd Scenes
Potential buyers often feel like intruders when they enter a home filled with people. Rather than giving your house the attention it deserves, they're likely to hurry through. Keep the company present to a minimum.
13.Watch Your Pets
Dogs and cats are great companions, but not when you're showing your home. Pets have a talent for getting underfoot. So do everybody a favor: Keep Kitty and Spot outside, or at least out of the way.
14.Think Volume
Rock-and-roll will never die. But it might kill a real estate transaction. When it's time to show your home, it's time to turn down the stereo or TV.
Be friendly, but don't try to force conversation. Prospects want to view your home with a minimum of distraction.
16.Don't Apologize
No matter how humble your abode, never apologize for its shortcomings. If a prospect volunteers a derogatory comment about your home's appearance, let your experienced Ronit Associate handle the situation.
17. Keep a Low Profile
Nobody knows your home as well as you do. But Ronit knows buyers - what they need and what they want. Ronit will have an easier time articulating the virtues of your home if you stay in the background.
18.Don't Turn Your Home into a Second-Hand Store
When prospects come to view your home, don't distract them with offers to sell those furnishings you no longer need. You may lose the biggest sale of all.
19.Defer to Experience
When prospects want to talk price, terms, or other real estate matters, let them speak to an expert - Ronit Bendavid.
20.Help Your Agent
Ronit will have an easier time selling your home if showings are scheduled through her office. You'll appreciate the results!

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